MBF Opens Their Door to Singaporeans!

On the 25th February 2012, the Modern Buddhist Fellowship (MBF) opened it’s doors to the people of Singapore!

The idea came about when a group of Singaporeans decided to make 10,000 Tsongkhapa tsa-tsas for distribution on Lama Tsongkhapa Day in 2011. They were led by one of my long time students, Jae Jay Chong (JJ).

During this time, I told JJ that Dharma work is Dharma work no matter where it is carried out, and what he was doing in Singapore so far was excellent. It was after this that plans for JJ to start a Dharma centre in Singapore were put into action.

MBF is currently managed by JJ and Joshua. I told JJ to make the centre modern, clean and interesting to be appealing for young people who are looking for spirituality. JJ was very agreeable, taking these instructions seriously… thus the birth of a new Tibetan Buddhist centre in Singapore, MBF.

It’s amazing to see what JJ and his group of friends have achieved there. Together, these group of young people found their own sponsors to set up a Dharma centre in Singapore… due to their hardwork, they will bring Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings to the local people.

Many Kecharians went down for MBF’s opening, including Datuk May Phng (President of Kechara House), Dato’ Ruby Khong (President of Kechara Soup Kitchen), Chuah Su Ming(Liaison of Tsem Ladrang, Kechara Care and Kechara Lounge), Liaison Jamie Khoo, Liaison JP Thong, Phoebe, Adrian, Jean Mei, Shin, Louise and Phillis.

The opening started with the cutting of the ribbon by Datuk May Phng, Dato’ Ruby Khong and MBF’s main sponsor Cody Sim. Everyone then entered the centre and offered a khata and Body, Speech and Mind to the throne… they then proceeded to do Lama Chopa and the King of Prayers.

According to the Kecharians who went, MBF is full of young, enthusiastic and vibrant people. I rejoice on the efforts that JJ and his friends have put in to materialize MBF. May this centre be the point for all whom are in search of spirituality and may they continue to benefit the people of Singapore.

Tsem Rinpoche


The invitation that was sent out to the public for the opening of Modern Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore.

Entrance of MBF.

Cody signing the creative invitation card that was blown up into a signing board for the opening.

The beautifully set up, wrathful and modern Setrap altar.

Lots of offerings surrounding Setrap’s altar.

Red lights, red candles and red colored offerings…

Joshua doing the final touches on a wooden carved Tsongkhapa statue… it will later be offered up to the throne.

A few Kecharians sitting around the chill-out area. They went down to Singapore to support the opening of MBF.

A few of the committed MBF members in Singapore.

Gifts from me for the Modern Buddhist Fellowship.

May these gifts benefit many people in Singapore.

A young kid prostrating to Lama Tsongkhapa.

The throne with many Tsongkhapa statues behind… JJ sourced and found the funding for these statues.

Kechara Discovery came for the opening to showcase their beautiful designs.

KD’s beautiful designs…

KD’s original designs were very much appreciated by the Singaporeans!

Many guests old and young attended the opening.

Opening speech by JJ.

Cutting of the official ribbon.

All the guests offered a khata up to the throne.

Prostration before offering Body, Speech and Mind.

Lama Tsongkhapa’s altar… surrounded by various offerings.

Guests prostrate to Lama Tsongkhapa’s altar.

Lined up and ready to offer Body, Speech and Mind.

The highlight of the opening… prayers.

Visitors enjoying their lunch…

Jay Jae really knows here to get good vegetarian food hehe


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