H.E.Tsem Rinpoche Quotes

Being angry at guru is like being angry at the ocean. U ignore the benefits & vastness but you focus on rough shoreline

Selfish and deluded Anger is the best way to lose the respect of friends.

Emptiness is Manjushri, Manjushri is emptiness. With emptiness realized we escape from our delusions & it's samsara

Being clear in speech is a method to respect the listener.

Whenever people ask you a question, look them in the eye, with a clear voice, and good tone answer them always.

BREAKING NEWS: You have never been happy in samsara and you never will be. Give up all hopes of it.

Physical beauty is not the quality we should focus on as it fades fast. Work on inner beauty which is lasting.

Life is already harsh, why make it more difficult by being unkind?

I thank you for making my life difficult, now I have learned to grow because of it & find my inner strength.

You don't have to accept me and that is your issue.

Insecurities grow stronger when we don't flush them out. Start today. You deserve it.

Stop counting what you cannot do, but count what you CAN do and start doing it.

True bliss is in Nirvana not samsara.

Delusions seem fun, but it's still delusions.

What we want and what we get always contradicts because that is samsara's nature.~

Effort is hard but the reward is not to be missed.

When we have results, we feel wonderful.

A person who never mentions the kindness they've received cannot be trusted.

Kindness is not an option but the key to our survival both on a micro and macro levels.

A person with gratitude is someone we can be close to

Everyday be open to blessings.

When a compassionate skilled guru gives u his foresight, follow it all the way no matter what it may look like in the beginning.

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