Tuesday, June 8, 2010


3 days ago... I have been reading some news in yahoo and i came across with this blog in yahoo's Fit To Post titled "Singaporeans slammed for being rude in Australian newspaper" this guy comment says...

Ken on June 2, 2010 at 7:10 pm

The reason why Singaporeans are rude is because we are afraid to speak up and out on the spot when confronted with rudeness. We will sheepishly whip out our cellphones to record the incident and proudly post them in one of the numerous blogs as if we did society a big favour by sharing the incident. Also, how do we expect to have model citizens when our children as well as their parents are brought up by poor uneducated maids from improverished nations?

What I am pissed about is that why is he blaming the maids for the Singaporeans having the bad attitude??? I have been working here in Singapore for 12 years now and I have seen the good and the bad attitudes of the Singapore people. I am working here as a MAID. But i consider myself lucky as i have a good employer. MAIDS are here to do whatever the employers demanded us to do. Yes we do take care of the kids BUT WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISCIPLINE OUR EMPLOYERS CHILDREN. It is still the parents who discipline their children and not the MAIDS.
If you Singaporeans are well educated people why do you still hire a maid when you can do a better job than the UNEDUCATED MAIDS FROM THE IMPOVERISHED NATION????
Yes, we are from a poor country but i think we are more disciplined.
Judging by this guy's comments it is only very clear that what the Australian journalist wrote is true...

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