Sunday, September 26, 2010

LIFE is Beautiful

True strength of character is not just calculated by how well we manage
to carry a sizable load under challenging conditions,
but is perhaps better measured by our ability to remain light spirited
even when we're sure that we can't bear the weight of one more ounce of life.
we put too much passion on the biggest dreams and priorities in life,
that we fail to love the smallest pleasures from simple things.
We search so much for the right choices, for the right paths,
to walk through, for the right time and for the right reasons.
But life isn't about searching for the things that we can be found.
It is about letting the unexpected happen and finding things you never search for.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It is about learning to dance in the rain.
It is singing in the car even when you don't know all the words.
It is giving your heart to someone even if you're a little scared at first.
Life has full of reasons to enjoy, to suffer, to fight, to give up...
It is about taking risk and making life worth living.
Because every minute is a minute you can never get back.
We have to accept our past without regrets.
handle our present with confidence, prepare for the future without fear.
Keep the faith and drop the fear.
Don't believe your doubts and never doubt your beliefs.
Believe that everything happens for a reason.
Always know a good thing,
when you see it, don't let it slip away.
If you get a chance, take it.
Nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.
Quality life doesn't mean having wealth, power, or super intelligence.
It is a matter of how much kindness and love we give to others,
and the joy we get out of it.
We experience pain to keep us stronger.
Through pains we become a fighter.
The more we cry, the more we are hurt, the stronger we become.
Don't pray to be sheltered from problems, but pray to be fearless in facing them.
Don't be afraid of pain, but ask for a heart that conquers it.
We used to think that life is a fairytale.
Full of magic, exciting....
But that was a long time ago.
Now we know that there's more to life than just happy ever after.
We learned that we get wiser each day and no fairy can lead us to happy ending.
We decide, we struggle and somehow we begin to understand
that we have the power to make each day better than yesterday.
People engage in relationships to pursue love, friendship and inspiration.
But one true reason why is that nobody wants our lives to pass unnoticed.
No matter how successful and accomplished a person maybe...
It wouldn't matter if we have no one to share our experiences with.
There are things in life that we can't hold on forever no matter how much
we fight for it.
Sometimes, destiny isn't always good.
Sometimes it becomes playful.
There are times when we meet someone we learned to love and we tend
to think that it is destiny that made our paths crossed.
But there are times that knowing that particular person is just part of
the game that the playful destiny create.
Then in the end we realized that the person we thought was destined for us,
wasn't really meant to stay, but only destined to make us feel loved and
leave us when we're already fallen.
Then we disappear in our own little world, closed our doors from the people
who cares for us because we are hurt, we blamed ourselves for being
so naive that we believed all those sweet promises that did not materialized.
We tend to think that there is no point going on living in this playful world
without that person who made you feel like you're the most precious gem alive.
All we think about is that all those people around us are useless.
We shouldn't let bitterness take away our strength and weaken our faith.
Never allow pain to dishearten us.
Rather, let ourselves grow with wisdom in bearing it.
God never give's us a burden heavier than we can carry,
no matter what.... HE wants us to be more happy than sad.
If birds sings after the rain why can't we?
No one has traveled the bridge of success without ever crossing the streets
of trials.
God never promised us an easy journey in life, only safety on board.
Life is an undying cycle.
It is a battle of survival, If we quit... then we're a loser.
If we fall, stand up.
If we keep on complaining about our miseries of our lives, nothing will happen.
God doesn't throw stones that we can't catch.
Don't consume yourself with the questions "WHY?"
But ponder more on "WHERE?"
Because God is leading us to something beautiful with whatever it is
that is happening in our lives .
Once we get to WHERE God wants us to be, then we'll know WHY..
We have to be thankful that we don't have everything we desire.
If we do, what would there be to look forward for?
Be thankful for the difficult times..
It is during these times we grow.
Be thankful for our limitations,
because they gives us opportunities for improvements.
Be thankful for our mistakes,
they can teach us valuable lessons.
And be thankful for all the people who love us in our own special ways, for
without them, we are but one unknown person in this world
who lives for the sake of living.
Find a way to be thankful for our troubles and it will become our blessings.
Live with HIM and everything will turn out right.
Regret nothing and don't let those people who don't matter bring us down.
Life is beautiful if we know how to live it.

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