Monday, September 27, 2010


I learned that GOD sends friends
when we need them the most and
Every Friend has a special purpose in our lives.

I learned that despite the distance between us,
a Real Friendship grows across the miles.

I learned that though we sometimes
expect someone to kick us down,
a True Friend helps us stand back up.
I learned that we should not wait to
express our appreciation for our friends--
if we do, it will be too late.
I learned that we should be open to a friend's view
as two people can look at the same thing and see something different.

I learned that we should not judge
our friends but respect their way of life even if we disagree with it.
I learned that we should not only take the time to talk to our friends,
but we should also listen and try to understand.

If we can't understand, we should accept.
I learned that our friends should
always take something good away with
them each time they cross our path.
I learned that friends sometimes hurt us unintentionally,
but we should forget and forgive.

I learned that friends change over time and
that such change should be welcomed as it's necessary for growth.

I learned that friends sometimes need time and space,
and we should be thoughtful and understanding of their needs.

I learned that you should treat a friend kindly today,
for the people we love the most are often taken away from us too soon.

I learned that friendship is a candle that lights our way,
and though it flickers against the winds of time,
distance, and change, its beauty endures

and shines forever in our hearts.

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