Monday, September 27, 2010

Signs that your Man really Loves you.

Women are always wondering if their man really loves them. Women strive to find out by asking friends and making constant judgments about how their man feels. Much energy and time is spent wondering that many of these women have trouble enjoying their relationship. I have come up with some tips on how you can identify the signs that a man really loves you.

--HE HAS EYES ONLY FOR YOU. You can tell if your man really loves you when many beautiful and sexy women surround you but he doesn't take a second to even stare at any of them. He gives you his full attention by showing eye contact and facing his body towards you.

--HE CALLS YOU FREQUENTLY. You know if a man is interested when he calls you every other day or even everyday. He wants to find out how you are doing and what is going on with you. He engages you in these lengthy deep conversations. You may find yourself spending hours on the phone talking and giggling about life.

--HE WANTS TO SEE YOU. He wouldn't love you if he wanted to see you all the time. When he is asking to go out a couple times a week or more than is an excellent sign.

--HE WANTS TO GO PLACES & DO THINGS. The relationship is not all about sex. He wants to explore the world with you and do fun activities. For example, going to the movies, out to dinner, to a concert or amusement park.

--HE SPENDS MONEY ON YOU. He invests not only emotionally but also financially. You are a special and serious person in his life. Money means no object when it comes to you. His mission is not only for a role in the hay but to make you feel happy.

--HE SHOWS GOOD MANNERS. He wants to impress you and win your heart just as you have won his heart. Some examples of good manners are opening the car door for you, pulling your chair out at a restaurant and offering his coat when it's cold.

--HE WANTS TO DATE ONLY YOU. You know he is serious about you when he has verbally asked if dating each other can be exclusive. You are number one to him and all the other women in the world mean nothing.

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